There’s a job for you here.

Abundant opportunities exist in engineering, finance, IT, logistics, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Explore hundreds of challenging, well-paying jobs.

Let us help you navigate work, life and community.

Columbus Young Professionals and Engage Columbus enable newcomers to meet new friends who share the same interests.

Columbus is a place like no other.

It’s small enough that you can be on a first-name basis with the mayor. Yet it’s home to talented people from all over the world. Learn why this community is uniquely livable.

Work-life balance is important.

Here you’ll find outdoor recreation, food, festivals, arts and culture in your own backyard. And, our central location provides easy access to urban experiences.

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  • Cummins employee photo courtesy Cummins Inc.
  • Facebook photos courtesy Columbus Young Professionals (CYP)
  • Upland Brewery photo courtesy Mike Wolanin, TheRepublic.com
  • The Tiptonians band photo courtesy D. Howard, TheRepublic.com